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"All the photography of the film is extraordinary."
"Not only is the film free of pathos, not only does it avoid the pitfalls of resting on poverty, on the contrary it is permeated with a certain poetry, a metaphysical atmosphere"


"Poignant immersion"

★★★ ½

"Courageous, relevant and deeply human"

"Sublime documentary"


« Wonderful film »
"A work as sensitive as it is immersive"

"A powerful illustration of the tragic consequences of genocide"
"A visually striking work"

Wandering, a Rohingya Story stands out from a crowded pack   (film about refugees), however, by striking tricky balances between individual and collective focus, and between presenting an aesthetic vision of its subject-matter rather than an aestheticized one. "

"Remarkable documentary"

"Realistic yet sensitive and moving"

"The film unfolds with a mature direction that manages to convey the heavy burden of a clumsy humanity in the order of its priorities."

"The film is filled with moments of great evocative power; these images mark the memory, they live and accompany the spectators for a long time.(...) Viewing Wandering, Rohingya Story is a truly sensitive experience for the public, which plunges into a world of emotions and sensations."


"a high level of narrative language (...) Apart from the carefully prepared cinematography and editing, the aesthetic structure of the film necessarily hypnotizes and fascinates the audience."

"Armed with contagious humanism (...) the sensually evocative photographic and sound work carried out by the production is also a vibrant testimony to the state of the situation"

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